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D2B® Promisol® & D2B® Archisol®

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Unique concept of prefabricated facades, D2B® (Designed to Build) Archisol® and D2B® Promisol® are waterproof curtain wall constructive systems that combine pre-assembled high-performance insulating sandwich panels with an innovative  mounting system and a wide range of architectural finishes. D2BØ Archisol® and D2BØ Promisol® are compatible with a choice of aluminium, wood and PVC joinery both in interior wall installation and in tunnel.

Thanks to its dry and lightweight design, D2B® allows quick and easy installation, which improves on-site safety and the quality of off-site construction.
D2B® Archisol® consists of Archisol® panels ready to receive a wide variety of compatible aesthetic cladding solutions in steel or any other material.


  • Maximum length : 12,000mm
  • Standard height : 2,700mm
  • Acermi certified PIR foam insulation
  • Thermal Resistance of the constructive system up to 7.41 m².K /W (U = 0.135 W/m².K) for D2B® Promisol® and up to 9.43 m².K /W (U = 0.106 W/m².K) for D2B® Archisol®
  • Air permeability : Class A4 (EN 12152)
  • Water tightness : Class R6 (EN 12154)
  • Shock resistance : M 50/900 J

D2BØ Promisol® and D2B® Archisol® comply with current building and fire safety regulations and can be used in several locations and buildings where the floor of the highest level is less than 28m, such as :

  • Individual and collective housing
  • Public Access Buildings (ERP) for up to 1 500 occupants
  • Office and commercial buildings
  • Constructions in several seismic zones and soil classes
  • Wind loads : adaptable to constructions in several regions and terrain’s roughness



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