Japan Iron and Steel Federation

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Website: https://www.jisf.or.jp/en/

Steel Slit Dam

Japan Iron and Steel Federation – All Regions

  • Steel Slit Dam can capture rocks securely in case of debris flow, but sediments can go through under normal conditions.
  • Slit-type structure built by combining steel pipes, which does not disrupt river flow


  1. Effective capture of debris flow.
    Transmission-enabled structure that creates sediment accumulation space under normal conditions and effectively capturing sediment and rocks flow during debris flow
  2. Accurate capture of debris flow.
    Even in the onslaught of debris flow, steel pipes hat excel in shock absorption effectively capture sediment and rocks flow
  3. Environment conscious structure.
    Structure designed with attention to the ecosystem, without disrupting river continuity


Approx. more than 100 projects per year in Japan.


Prevention Solution, Landslide

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