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Steel Modular Building

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  • Steel modular building is a prefabricated building product with box-type steel structure modules fabricated in the factory and assembled on the construction site.
  • The steel modular building divides the entire house into box-type modules while also integrating envelope system, equipment and pipes, and internal decorating. The prefabricated box modules are brought to the site and lifted into place for module connection and joint treatment, pipeline penetration, facade decorating, and other work.
  •  It can be applied to specific environment or the need to achieve quick assembly of house construction, and is suitable for post-disaster restoration, especially for residential, mobile homes, etc.


  • Steel modular building is the most integrated form of housing construction, with high degree of factorisation, less on-site work, short construction cycle, reliable quality, green environmental protection, and other obvious advantages.
  • The steel structure module integrates the use of Baowu high-strength hot-rolled H-shaped profile steel, significantly lowering the welding workload and effectively reducing the quantity of steel.
  • The internal and external wall surfaces of the module incorporate the use of Baowu’s high-performance colour coated steel sheet.
  • To achieve overall fireproofing, the module employs the integrated fireproof covering technology for the integration of internal decorating and fire prevention.
  • Specifically developed quick-connection technology between the modules is used to achieve efficient positioning and installation, and modules can be disassembled and reused.
  • In the building demolition stage, the modular construction system can achieve a recycle rate of up to 80% or more.
  • With the integration of ultra-low energy consumption technologies and renewable energy sources, the annual primary energy demand can be reduced by more than 80%, and the carbon emissions of the entire life cycle can be reduced by up to 70%.


  1. Shanghai Smart Bay (Phase III) 2019
  2. Taishan Station (China) in Antarctic (Phase II) 2019
  3. China Baowu Happiness Station 2020
  4. Wuhan Peaceful Heart Project 2020
  5. Desheng Stainless Steel Landscape Project 2020
  6. Ferraz Research Station (Brazil) in Antarctic 2021
  7. Qinghai Tongde Guesthouse Project 2021
  8. Tibet Zabuye Guangchu Large-scale Temporary Project 2022
  9. Changshu Leadership Center Project 2022
  10. Jiangxin Building, BaoWu University 2022


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