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Accelerated Bridge Construction using Magnelis Steel

ArcelorMittal – All Regions

InQuik accelerates bridge construction internationally with its revolutionary solution. Our bridges adhere to standardised and pre- certified designs, enabling large-scale production with the ability to transport single to multi-span bridges to any location across the globe, these bridges provide a swift, resilient, low-risk, and cost-efficient method. The installation process is notably quicker, lightweight components are easily delivered onsite, placed into position, and subsequently filled with concrete. A small crane and a few days of work suffice for bridge completion using basic labor skills. The InQuik system employs more steel compared to traditional reinforced concrete bridges. Despite this increased steel usage, the bridges remain cost-effective due to their prefabricated nature. This financial advantage is primarily attributed to reduced installation time and labor requirements, diminished risk factors, and decreased crane usage. In essence, the InQuik system is a long-lasting bridge solution that represents a pioneering approach to bridge  construction, combining efficiency, innovation, resilience and significant cost benefits for the community.


MagnelisØ offers corrosion resistance, durability, aesthetic appeal, chemical containment, reduced zinc usage, and
environmental benefits that make it a suitable and attractive choice InQuik’s formwork, addressing the challenges
posed by traditional materials like galvanised steel.

  • Corrosion Resistance : provides excellent corrosion resistance, which was a concern when considering galvanized steel.
    This resistance to rust and corrosion ensures the longevity and durability of the formwork system, even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Durability : it is known for its durability, making it a reliable choice for applications that require long-lasting performance. This characteristic is particularly important for formwork systems, as they need to withstand the pressure and chemical exposure from freshly poured concrete.
  • Aesthetic Finish : The formwork made from MagnelisØ offers an aesthetically pleasing finish. This is crucial, especially for structures like bridges, where visual appeal is a consideration alongside functionality.
  • Chemical Containment : helps contain plasticisers and water-soluble chemicals present in the concrete. This containment is important to prevent any adverse interactions between the chemicals and the surrounding environment.
  • Reduced Zinc Usage : uses significantly less zinc than pure zinc coatings. This factor is beneficial for preserving natural resources and reducing the environmental impact associated with zinc extraction and usage.
  • Sustainability : The combination of reduced zinc usage, lower zinc runoff, and extended product lifespan contributes to the overall effectiveness. Compared with traditional materials, its durability and resistance to corrosion can lead to cost savings over the life of the structure. Reduced maintenance and replacement needs can result in a more
    cost-effective solution in the long run


  1. Beargrass Creek Bridge 2023
  2. Bio 1 Bridge 2023
  3. Silo Farm Bridge 2023
  4. Murphy’s Bridge 2022
  5. Frampton Bridge 2022
  6. Koloona Bridge 2022
  7. Belimbla Bridge 2021
  8. Fowler Bridge 2021
  9. Sinclair Bridge 2020
  10. Parsonage Creek Bridge 2019


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