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  •  Hot-rolled sections are highly available in a huge size range on the market.
  •  Hot-rolled sections in high-strength steels (e.g. HISTAR®460/Arcorox® 460) are an economic and sustainable solution for small and medium (10m ~ 45m) span steel composite bridges.
  • XCarb® recycled and renewably produced hot-rolled sections are already available on the market by combining up to 100% scrap and renewable electricity. it offers very low levels of CO2 emissions per tonne of finished steel.
    (333 kg C02-Eq/ton)


  1. Hot-rolled sections can be delivered up to 40m in length without splices and allow for an easy fabrications of the steel girders and quick erection of the bridge on construction site
  2. Modern high strength steel grade HISTAR® 460 offers an excellent weldability, high toughness and high minimum yield strength compared to standard steel grades and has an European Technical Assessment (ETA).


Quick erection of the road bridge DP-2277L in village Osmolice , Poland. Opened in 2022 using 4 girders with hot-rolled sections HE 900 B in Arcorox®460 (S460J2W+M) and XCarb® recycled and renewably produced. The bridge was opened 4 weeks before the planned deadline.


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