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Composite Bridges with Hot-rolled Sections

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  •  Net-arch bridges with cold-bent hot-rolled sections for the arches allow for a slender and aesthetical bridge design.
  • Net-arch bridges are suited for road and railway bridges due to small amount of steel to be used which results in low construction costs.
  •  Heavy hot-rolled sections (e.g. HD sections) offer high compression strength and a suitable for long span bridges :
    >120m for road bridges and >100m for railway bridges.
  •  Long spans exceeding 100m over rivers without the need of any intermediate pillars significantly decrease the risk of damage during floods.
  •  First introduction of heavy hot-rolled sections in net-arch bridges in Poland in the years 2007-2009


  1. Light and slender arches with reduced cross section areas are achieved with hot-rolled sections in high strength steel (e.g. HISTARØ).
  2. Less fabrication efforts and weld volume is required for arches with hot rolled sections compared to welded box sections.
  3. Simple and standard steel connection between the hangars and the arch.
  4. The connection of the hangars to the arch is fully visible with no hidden details and is easy to inspect during operation.
  5. Net-arch bridges can be combined with composite and prestressed concrete decks and offer high flexibility.
  6. Easy fabrication and reduced material consumptions result in low construction costs and low environmental impact.
  7. The carbon footprint of net-arch bridges can be substantially reduced by using hot-rolled sections produced from 100% recycled material and 100% renewable energy, like XCarbØ recycled and renewably produced steel.


MS-15 viaduct over river Lyna in Olsztyn, Poland, opened in traffic in 2017. Two separate net arch structures, each one with a span of 120m. The arches have a height of 21m, an axis – distance of 13.4m and are realised with hot-rolled profiles HD 400 x 744 and HD 400 x 1086 in HISTARØ 460.


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