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Net-arch Bridges with Hot-rolled Sections

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  • Composite bridges with hot-rolled sections represent an economic and sustainable solution for small and medium spans (10m ~ 45m). They can be realised in different innovative forms thanks to the flexible applications of hot-rolled sections.
  • Composite bridges with hot-rolled sections in high strength steels are  lightweight structures which are easy to handle on construction site and allow for an easy and quick erection.
  • The short construction time makes composite bridges with hot-rolled sections the perfect and proven solution for rapid reconstruction after natural disasters, e.g. floodings, or wars.


  1. Achievement of light and aesthetic composite bridges by using hot-rolled sections in high strength steel (e.g. HISTAR® 460)
  2. Composite bridges with hot-rolled sections can be realized without any splices up to 40m in length.
  3. Steel composite girders with hot-rolled section can be easily placed by mobile cranes.
  4. High degree of prefabrication : Steel girders are finished in the workshop and delivered ready to erect.
  5. High quality of the solution is achieved by the high degree of prefabrication (e.g. welding in the workshop)
  6. Composite bridges with hot-rolled section in high strength weathering steel (Arcorox® ) allow for a reduction of the construction time and the maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the bridge.
  7. The carbon footprint of composite bridges can be substantially reduced by using hot-rolled sections produced from 100% recycled material and 100% renewable energy, as XCarb® recycled and renewably produced steel.


Refurbishment of the bridge “Pont de Pertus” , France (06), partially destroyed by floods in October 2020. Reopened in already 2021 using 4 girders with hot-rolled sections HL 1000 B in weathering steel (Arcorox® ) for destroyed span.


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