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Steel Pipe Sheet Piles & Steel Pipe Piles

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Foundation resistance can be strengthened with steel pipe sheet piles foundation or additional steel pipe piles driving, in order to address bridge scouring control, structure aging renovation, seismic reinforcement and inadequate strength of the foundation caused by expansion of superstructure, etc.


  1. Reinforcement can be done easily
    Reinforcement can be done easily and securely by applying steel pipe sheet pile foundation or additional piles to caisson and other existing foundations.
  2. It is possible to do construction work in small area.
    Construction work can be done where over-head space is limited.
    Occupied space can be reduced because of reinforcement by using steel pipe piles.
  3. Cost & period reduction by using steel pipe sheet pile foundation as temporary coffering Steel pipe sheet pile foundation can be done with less cost and shorter period when used also as temporary coffering.


There are many track records in Japan.
For example,
Caisson foundation
– Meishin highway
– Ouji bridge
– Akasho/Higashihutami bridge etc.

Steel pipe piles foundation
– Koza bridge
– Kamome bridge etc


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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