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Buckling Restraint Brace Concrete-filled Steel Tube (CFT)

Japan Iron and Steel Federation – All Regions

Disaster protection building is a steel structure in quake resistance and tsunami resistance applying buckling restrained braces and concrete-filled steel tube members.

This building has superior earthquake-proof and tsunami-proof safety as well as versatile use of space.


Improvement of tsunami-proof safety

  • Avoids the destructive force of tsunami by a pilotis structure, the height of which exceeds the height of the postulated tsunami
  • CFT structure of high yield strength and high stiffness is employed for pilotis columns to improve tsunami – proof safety

Achievement of flexible space planning by employing long-span structure 

  • The steel structure enables a long-span structure, which provides a flexible space planning with fewer columns.
  • It is easy to use this space as multipurpose – use space in an emergency and to plan layout changes, etc. in the future.

Improvement of seismic performance

  • Vibration control structure using buckling restrained brace is employed for the superstructure to improve seismic performance.
  • The seismic force applied to the pilotis structure is reduced by lightweight construction solution using a steel structure.

Shorter construction period and reduction of field work are possible

  • Construction period can be shortened compared to the RC structure, and immediate restoration and reconstruction are possible.
  • Field work in disaster areas can be reduced since structural steel frames would be shop – fabricated.


Government building

Disaster prevention base


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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