The Porsche Pavilion, Wolfsburg, Germany

A steel-built love letter to classic Porsche sportscars

The swooping lines of a Porsche have long been considered a triumph of automotive design, but what if an architect were given the chance to create an homage to those classic sportscars?

case study streatham regeneration

Streatham project showcases flexibility of steel construction

The site of the former Streatham Ice Rink has been re-developed to create a new supermarket with a six-storey residential building on top using light steel framing.

case study the greenland centre

The unexplored potential of recycled skyscrapers

Since the 19th century, steel has been crucial in high-rise construction. But what happens when those towers fall into disuse? A new project in Australia shows how steel can be used sustainably for future constructions.

case study crossrail

The construction innovations powering Crossrail’s ambition

Slated to open some time between October 2020 and March 2021, Crossrail is an ambitious project to develop a new railway – called the Elizabeth line – that represents the largest current infrastructure development in Europe.

why steel in commercial

Steel offers unique flexibility for commercial buildings

There is increasingly strong demand for premium quality office space, especially in compacted centre spaces of large cities. High-profile companies want buildings that offer impeccable architectural and environmental standards for their corporate headquarters.

why steel in civic industrial

Steel meets the highest standards for civic and industrial works

The rapid growth of the world's population will be accompanied by equally rapid urbanisation. Steel will be crucial to the construction of new buildings and infrastructure required to meet this need.

free software tool supports acoustic design

Free SoViST tool supports acoustic design

Sound and Vibration Steel Timber (SoViST) has been developed to support architects, building physics advisors and structural engineers aiming to find the optimal acoustic performance of lightweight buildings structured with steel or timber.

Industry unites to exploit growth potential

In March, Global experts gathered at Tata Steel India’s first Construction Conclave held in Dubai, UAE, to explore how recent successes and innovations in construction could shape a rewarding future for India’s steel industry.

Another global steel connection

Another global steel connection

A cooperation agreement between The World Steel Association and the Russian Federation’s Steel Construction Development Association is expected to encourage even closer ties going forward.