February constructsteel newsletter

Prof. Olivier Vassart shares thoughts on global steel innovations, tackling climate challenges and promoting sustainable construction solutions with constructsteel.

Japan National Stadium: A triumph in steel-structured excellence

The Japan National Stadium, honoured with the inaugural constructsteel Awards' Best Project of the Year, stands as a testament to architectural expertise, structural finesse, and collaborative excellence. Spearheaded by the Taisei Corporation, this monumental endeavour encapsulates a fusion of design ingenuity, construction efficiency, and environmental awareness.

January constructsteel newsletter

Explore global construction trends construction. news headlines and more.

December constructsteel newsletter

Explore how Generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI) is reshaping real estate and uncover seven key actions for effective implementation.

Park Royal Hotel - garden

Garden hotel in Singapore offers sustainability masterclass

The Park Royal Hotel Pickering in Singapore stands as a shining example of sustainable architecture through its ‘hotel-in-a-garden’ design.

POSCO’s Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas: Championing sustainability in steel construction

In a significant milestone for sustainable construction, POSCO's Innovilt Zero-Energy Villas secured the constructsteel Award in 2023 for their outstanding commitment to sustainability. This recognition represents a significant moment in the evolution of eco-conscious housing, highlighting POSCO's dedication to innovative steel construction.

November constructsteel newsletter

Check out our November newsletter for the latest industry insights and trends. Discover the "Forever House" project, focusing on sustainable architecture, and learn about the cement industry's move towards net-zero emissions in our feature article, "Cementing Your Lead." Stay updated on construction market trends and industry news.

October constructsteel newsletter

Download the best practice guidebook for disaster prevention and restoration using steel solutions. Plus, an article explaining pre-construction excellence for investors, project owners, and E&C firms. Stay informed with market trends and construction news.

Celebrating excellence in steel construction

In an exciting first for constructsteel, we are delighted to announce the inaugural constructsteel Award winners. We proudly unveil the 2023 constructsteel Award recipients, celebrating excellence in steel construction.