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Storm shelters are provided for the protection of people during high wind events, such as hurricanes or tornadoes. While they may be residential shelters or safe rooms within a home, they can also be standalone structures located in a community, such as a school.

Storm shelters are designed to withstand gravity, wind, flood, and seismic loading, as applicable to its location. Moreover, design should also include impact loads of wind-borne debris.

Design resources : American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Design Guide 35, ICC 500, FEMA P-361.


  • Durable roof structure : poured concrete on steel deck provides reliable strength against wind-borne debris. Structural steel, cold-formed steel trusses and purlins, open-web steel joists, and HSS all provide reliable framing for various building size options. All can be safely detailed to resist extreme uplift.
  • Steel Columns, whether wide-flange, built up, or HSS columns, can be used.
  • Exterior walls : To resist high wind loads and projectiles, Reinforced masonry, tilt-up concrete, precast concrete, or steel deck composite materials are recommended.


Critical connections important for providing a continuous load path in a typical masonry, concrete, or metal- frame building wall (for clarity, concrete root deck is not shown)


Prevention Solution, Flood & Storm

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