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Concrete-filled Composite Steel Plate Shear Wall

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The Concrete-filled Composite Steel Plate Shear Wall (CF-CPSW) comprises sandwiched panel of steel plates that are filled with concrete. Cross-connecting tie rods hold two structural steel plates in place, providing stability prior to concrete fill. Once erected, the panels are filled with concrete and left in place.




  • Speed of construction: There is no delay from waiting for concrete to cure. Construction can proceed because the steel plates serve as both formwork as well as gravity support for floor framing.
  • Precision: Tolerance issues between concrete embed plates and steel framing are eliminated because they can be
    welded directly to the steel plate.
  • In addition to seismic load resistance, the assembly is also well suited for blast resistance.


Rainier Square Tower (Seattle, Washington, USA) – 2020

200 Park (San Jose, California, USA) – 2022


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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