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Bolted and Repairable Moment Frames

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Moment frames are excellent lateral force resisting systems because they allow architectural flexibility while providing a system that is ductile and reliable.

Many connection designs have been developed that are approved through AISC 341 and prequalified with AISC 358. Connections differ in attachment method and controlling where the plastic hinge and yielding occur, which can impact the efficiency of the columns and beams selected.

Bolted connections have been developed, which decrease erection time and minimize field welding. Furthermore, connections where replaceable plates have been



Resilient: Because elements are designed to be easily removed and replaced after a seismic event, the repair of such frames allows for faster re-occupancy of the building.

Efficient: Bolted connections allow for faster in-field erection, minimising the amount of field welding required.


Simpson Yield Link :
Removable top and bottom yield plates

Durafuse Frame :
Removable bottom fuse plate


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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