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Rehabilitation and Retrofit of Existing Steel Structures

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  • Ferrous metals have been used for structural framing as early as the 1700s, because such materials have been recognised for their strength, stiffness, and economy. Since then, steel has advanced in its manufacturing and properties.
  • Better understanding of earthquakes and material behaviours have led to improved building codes for safer structures. Instead of dismantling older buildings, steel buildings can be retrofitted or rehabilitated to continue its useful life. This is a safer and more sustainable way to utilise existing structures.

Design Resources : American Institute of Steel (AISC) Design Guide 15


  • Steel can be modified easily in field to enhance the strength of the existing elements. Elements no longer needed or adequate can be recycled instead of put into landfill.
  • Gravity load considerations
    – AISC Specification Appendix 5
    – AWS D1.1/D1.1M, Chapter 8
  • Seismic/Lateral load considerations
    – ASCE/SEI 41-13
    – FEMA publications


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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