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Bi-axial Welded Mesh Gabion

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  • Gabion walls are executed mainly in the purpose of soil stabilisation behind the wall, but it can also be executed as a cover wall. The wall is made from gabion baskets that are stacked in one or more rows, depending on the height of the wall.
  • Retaining structures are formed by stacking gabion baskets in a proper schedule and present an alternative solution for concrete structures in the area of soil stabilisation.


Properties Sm@rtFAB (Air- cooled mesh)
Min. UTS [Ultimate tensile strength] (MPa) 585
Min. YS [Yield strength] (MPa) 550
Min. %age elongation 10%
Weld shear strength ~0.40 times


Evergreen Enterprises 2023

Bi-axial welded mesh gabions are manufactured from a square mesh, normally of opening size 75.0mm × 75.0mm where the longitudinal wires are welded to the cross wires at their intersection points.

Welded mesh gabions can be readily modified on site by cutting the mesh back to the next transverse mesh wire. Welded mesh gabions are available in a number of wire diameters to suit the application


Prevention Solution, Landslide

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