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EzyNest is a steel-based modular toilet that can be used in a variety of settings, including construction sites, events, and disaster relief areas. This is modern, durable & one stop sanitation solution which is available with waste management, electrical and plumbing fittings. The toilets are extremely easy and quick-to-construct and can be installed in variety of environments and remotest of locations.


  • Standard design with provision for overhead water tank.
  • Corrosion resistant walls with insulation.
  • Embedded and concealed fittings with natural ventilation system.
  •  Two types (C & D) to form multiple blocks as needed.
  • Equipped with a waste management system (Biodigester).
  • PWD friendly variant is available.

Advantages Of EzyNest

EzyNest structures are pre-fabricated and installed on the job site making it easy and fast to construct and ideal to provide quick sanitation solution.

The toilet is portable and easy to transport, so it can be set up in a variety of locations.

Modular Flexibility
EzyNest is equipped with ventilation system, plumbing and electrical fittings making it a one stop solution for all the toilet needs.

EzyNest is equipped with a waste management system so it helps to prevent odour and the spread of germs.

Technical Parameters

Member Details Specifications
Foundation Brick foundation with PCC
Structure Combination of C, L and Z sections made of 1.2mm thick plain galvanised sheet, powder coated.
Wall and Roof panels Sandwich panels of 40mm thick made of galvanised plain sheets (Galvano) 0.6mm thick, with EPS insulation
Insulation High Density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)
Doors 40mm sandwich panel steel doors made of 0.6mm thick Tata Steel’s Galvano, with insulation inside
Ventilation Powder coated GP louver panels for cross ventilation


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