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Sm@rtFAB mesh in Shotcrete for Earth Retaining Structures

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Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity primarily on to a vertical or overhead surface to strengthen temporary and permanent excavations, earth retaining structures, tunnels, canal linings etc.

Shotcrete generally requires single or double layer of welded wire mesh which provide added strength, uniform load distribution and help to withstand shrinkage / temperature stresses.


Welded wire mesh manufactured by Tata Steel under its brand Sm@rtFAB offers higher strength and elongation properties. Welded by electric fusion, accurate spacing and conforms to IS 1566 (fabric) and IS 432-part2 (Steel)

Properties Sm@rtFAB (Air- cooled mesh)
Min. UTS [Ultimate tensile strength] (MPa) 585
Min. YS [Yield strength] (MPa) 550
Min. %age elongation 10%
Weld shear strength ~0.40 times of YS


1. Strengthening Soil nailing shotcrete

2. Tunnel and culvert shotcrete lining


Prevention Solution, Landslide

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