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Nest-In (HabiNest)

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HabiNest is a prefab construction solution using Light Gauge Steel Framing made of high strength galvanised steel. It is designed to withstand high wind and seismic load, making it ideal to minimise building damages from disasters like earthquake and cyclone. The solution is ideal for construction of Houses, Hospitals, Academic buildings, Amenities, Office buildings, Staff accommodations, Cyclone shelters and community centres.


  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent wind and seismic resistance
  • Multi story : Up to G+3 structure (Fully LGSF)
  • Cutting-edge technology : Factory-made structures
  • Turnkey Solution : Complete building with MEP and finishes
  • Corrosion resistance : Galvanised steel increases life of the structure
  • Load bearing walls cladded with FCB, electrical and
    plumbing concealed

Advantages Of EzyNest

Speed of Construction
Light foundation, prefabricated structures (assembled at site) & better productivity reduces overall construction time by 30~50% compared to conventional.

It offers the aesthetics of traditional civil constructions while providing the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of modern facades and finishes.

Life cycle cost
Reduces Life cycle cost with portability, recyclability, less operational cost(better thermal efficiency), and better salvage value over its designed life (up to 50 Years).

Environmental Benefits*
It consumes 48% less fresh water, 65% less material resources, and has 53%
less greenhouse gas impact as compared to conventional civil structures.

*LCA Study performed in a 2,400 SFT construction made by Tata Steel, Nest-In at MTMC, Jamshedpur, India. A white paper was published and vetted by a third party.

Technical Parameters

Member Details Specifications
Foundation Plinth belt in RCC throughout wall periphery
Structure LGSF: Galvanised steel (Cold rolled) 550 Mpa
Cladding External wall: 9mm + 6mm HD FCB
Internal wall: 8mm FCB+ 12.5 gypsum boards
Insulation Mineral wool insulation 48kg/Cum
Flooring Vitrified tile flooring over RCC grade slab
Roofing Sloped roof: 50mm thick PUF panel (or)
Flat roof: Deck sheet with 100mm RCC (min)
Ceiling Grid type/ plain false ceiling
Doors & Windows Tata Pravesh doors and windows


CBI Canteen Delhi, India


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