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ADW Steel Pile

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  • Recently, as the number of construction projects in downtown areas increases, mitigating noise and vibration in pile driving operations is becoming more important than ever.
  • ADW pile is a type of rotary pile designed with a helical blade, so that it is can minimise noise, vibration, and dust during construction process.
  • Since the bit is attached to the pile tip, it can penetrate even in hard ground, and high bearing capacity can be demonstrated due to the large diameter of pile shaft.


No noise
By penetrating the ground using pile rotation, this method can minimise noise.

No waste
Since there is no discharge of soil, it is possible to maintain a clean site.

No vibration
Since pile driver and vibratory hammers are not used for the penetration of piles, vibration can be minimized during construction.

No dust
Dust can be minimized because of no excavation process


Diameter (mm) thickness (mm) Material load of STP550(tonf) Wing (mm) Cross-section (mm²) Target bearing capacity(tonf)
600 282,600 120
406.4 6 168.3 700 384,650 140
800 502,400 160
800 502,400 180
508 7 263.5 900 635,850 200
1000 785,000 240


  • POSCO Global R&D Center, Steel Forming Lab, Song-do, Incheon – 2016
  • POSCO Data Center, Pohang – 2017
  • Celltrion extend No.1 Factory, Song-do, Incheon – 2017
  • Osung IC pier, Pyeongtaek – 2018


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