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Sm@rtFAB through Air-cooled Route

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  • Many reinforced concrete (RC) members (e.g. beams, columns) that have been in service for a long time are insufficient in resisting earthquakes.
  • In order to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property, effective strengthening measures must be taken to improve the seismic resistance of these members. RC members wrapped with welded wire mesh aids in improving the seismic resistance of the overall structure


Welded wire mesh manufactured by Tata Steel under its brand Sm@rtFAB offers higher ductility making it suitable for seismic retrofitting. This high ductility is achieved by manufacturing through the air-cooled route.

Properties Sm@rtFAB (Air- cooled mesh)
Min. UTS [Ultimate tensile strength] (MPa) 585
Min. YS [Yield strength] (MPa) 550
Min. %age elongation 16%
Weld shear strength ~0.40 times of YS


  1. Strengthening of RC members in a building
  2. Strengthening of brick walls in a masonry building


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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