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Modular Steel-plate Composite Walls for Nuclear Facilities

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  • Nuclear facilities are often constructed with heavy concrete to provide the necessary radiation shielding and resistance to extreme loading. However, concrete construction has long schedules and high demand for field labor.
  • Modular steel-plate construction consists of concrete walls that are sandwiched by two steel plates, which are attached to the concrete with steel anchors and tie bars.

Design Resources : American Institute of Steel (AISC) Design Guide 32


  • Modular construction and the use of steel plates as permanent formwork increase the construction speed and generates less waste than traditional cast-in-place concrete construction.
  • The steel-plate composite walls perform well in cyclical loading, meaning the integrity of nuclear facilities would remain intact after seismic activity and minimize risk of operation after an event.
  • Images below from AISC Design Guide 32.


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