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Steel Protection & Metal Net

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Falling-stone prevention and slope protection method using buffer material, wire ropes and net to prevent damages from falling debris.


  1. Falling-stone prevention wall
    The prevention wall disperses the force of stones falling down on the slope  with use of cushion material (sand, tire, timber, etc.) to reduce force and capture them.
  2. Falling-stone prevention net
    Stripped slope surface and boulders on mountain slopes with danger of falling debris are covered with metal net and wire rope to prevent disasters. Its flexible structure is used to control falling rocks safely down the slope.
  3. Pocket-type falling-stone protection net
    To form a “pocket” by lifting top part of the metal net by columns which is effective to catch rocks safety falling from higher altitude than the structure.
  4. Wire rope net
    The cause of falling rocks on a slope is controlled at its position with wire rope and anchor, to prevent initial movement of rolling and floating stones and to stabilise slope.


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