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  • Steel plate shear wall (SPSW) is a lateral force resisting system developed in the 1970s. The system comprises a thin steel web – plate bounded by and attached to its surrounding portal frame.
  • They can be configured as a core system, for medium – to high-rise buildings, or as multiple planar shear walls, for low-rise buildings and rehab of existing structures.

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  • Speed of construction : As an alternate to concrete shear walls, there is no curing time involved in using steel plate shear walls. Therefore, construction schedule can be shorter.
  • Lighter structure : Overall weigh of building decreases, which allows for lighter foundations.
  • Existing buildings have withstood heavy earthquakes, such as the Northridge Earthquake in 1994.


First: US Federal Courthouse
(Seattle, Washington, USA) – 2004

Second: The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles
(California, USA) – 2010


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