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Hiper Damper

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Various types of steel dampers are installed in the building using Low Yield Point steel (HSA80) to control damage to the main beam and column.

Vibration control
Controlling earthquake

The equipment installed in the building controls the vibration of the building byearthquake and wind.

Base isolation
Avoiding earthquake

The device between the ground and building prevent earthquakes from being transmitted to the building.

Resisting earthquake

Resistant to earthquake with strength and viscosity due to proper members and placement.


Solution Brace & Wall type Damper Double frame Damper Beam-column Damper Coupling beam Damper Base isolation
Concept Absorbing seismic energy from damper Construction method that can live together System that improves seismic performance by installing a damper on the connection Improved seismic performance with damper connecting between shear walls System to prevent vibration by installing device between
ground and building
Steel type – Frame : Pos-H
– Damper : HSA80
– Frame : Pos-H
– Damper : HSA80
– Frame : Pos-H
– Damper : HSA80
– Damper : HSA80 – Damper : HSA80
Usage All buildings School, Office Frame structure Shear wall All buildings


  • uiwang center
  • Myungryun school
  • Green building
  • Yongsan APT
  • Hawolgok APT


Prevention Solution, Earthquake

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